Oxford University Press Plans to Gamify Classic Books

Maybe your younger days were consumed by the fantasy worlds from your favorite books. With each new story, you looked forward to bonding with the characters, embarking on a new journey, and, with any luck, living happily ever after.  Or perhaps reading when you were younger was a torturous affair that could only be done if the right bribe or incentive were in place. Whatever the case may be, the recent partnership between Oxford University Press and mobile and social web game developer SecretBuilders is an exciting one.

Oxford University Press announced that the partnership supports the “50 Great Reads Before 15” initiative, which transforms classics like Macbeth and Alice in Wonderland into engaging and interactive experiences. The first classic to be given a makeover is Alice in Wonderland through The Alice in Wonderland Difference Game, which brings the classic to life in a “puzzle game based on the classic book.” By making classic books more accessible and enticing to the gadget-obsessed younger generations, the hope is that reading will be something to look forward to for all readers.

So for those kids who always anticipate their next reading adventure, they will be able connect in a deeper way to some of their favorite characters. And for those who dread opening to the first page of a book, the quests and ability to interact may be just enough of an incentive.

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