Customer Service Gets Gamified

Having to call to a customer service agent is often times a task I dread. While there are occasions when I get a delightful, helpful person at the other end of the call, there are also those times when I get a person who is just wretched and I can’t believe this person has a job that involves interacting with others. It’s this not knowing what I am going to get that makes the thought of calling a customer service agent so awful.

But I have been on the receiving end of these calls, too. I only made it a few short months as a customer service agent and could quickly see where the bad attitude came from.  One consumer having a particularly bad experience was capable of taking out all their frustrations on me. And then the mentality that the “customer is always right” goes right out the window. Perhaps if Freshdesk had been around in my customer service days, I would have been better suited for the task.

Freshdesk turns customer support into a game in hopes of boosting morale with points and awards (similar to the Dundies, right?). Agents are given “Points” for closing a support ticket and “Bonus Points” when a customer’s experience is made particularly exceptional. These points create a little healthy competition among the agents, too, as accumulated points allow a customer service agent to go from a “Novice” to a “Pro Support Rep.” The best reps are awarded “trophies” and the one with the most points is dubbed the “Most Valuable Player” of the month. And the most interesting aspect of Freshdesk is the ability to set quests for particular agents.

All in all, I am hopeful that customer support will get a gamified facelift. I would’ve enjoyed a little competition when I had one of these jobs but what I’d love even more is an agent on the other end of the call with a little more incentive to be caring, efficient, and helpful.

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