Truth or Dare?

Spin the bottle, seven minutes in heaven, truth or dare. These are the games that filled the hours of any party I went to in my younger years. I was never too fond of the first two, but truth or dare was my bread and butter. Always the daredevil, I never chose truth (also because I didn’t want to be asked the inevitably embarrassing questions). I haven’t accepted a dare in years, but Klash may just be the catalyst to revive my daring side.

Klash is a mobile application that allows you to challenge friends and strangers and accept challenges from others. The steps to begin challenging and being challenged are easy: log in with your Facebook information, decide what your “Klash” (challenge) will be, direct the “Klash” at a specific person or the whole world, and choose the reward. And whether you are doing the challenging or accepting the challenge, you can follow and share the results.

This concept originated when two of Klash’s creators dared a third to try, for the first time, to surf. The reward: a beer- a frightening challenge (which was accepted) with a suitable reward. These three eventually met the final two of the team and were determined to bring daring friends, sharing the fulfillment of the dare, and being rewarded, to the masses.

So maybe you’ve always loved a good dare, like me. Perhaps you allow the reward to give you incentive to do something out of your comfort zone. Or maybe you just like coming up with outrageous dares for your friends and the world. Whatever the case may be, Klash promises unforgettable experiences with prizes, too.

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