When Saving Money is Fun

In my last post, I talked about my affection towards credit card spending and the resulting rewards. My mom, who is a financial planner and an avid stalker of my online presence, read this post and was appalled. So, on her behalf and for all of you readers who are more financially responsible, I bring you SaveUp, a site that is dedicated to rewarding you for money you have saved as opposed to spent.

SaveUp is a free rewards program that securely connects to your bank account. Every time you save money, reduce debt, or pay bills you earn points. These points are also earned by participating in daily challenges, viewing educational content, and inviting friends to join. And while the SaveUp experience is currently a single-user one, there are plans to allow friends to compete with one another.

So what about the piece de resistance (AKA the rewards)? Well, my conscious spending friends, the prizes are definitely worth saving for. The credits you earn allow you to play for rewards like gift cards, home or wardrobe makeovers, a car, or a chance to win the $2 million dollar grand prize. SaveUp CEO and Co-Founder, Priya Haji, says, “by rewarding people with the chance to win valuable or life-changing prizes, we hope to help them stay motivated on their path to financial success.”

I have made it abundantly clear that filling my closet with unneeded items while adding to my credit card debt is a routine I have come to know well. But SaveUp’s prizes are just persuasive enough to have me reconsidering. And I am not ashamed to say that it would take more than just being considered a responsible adult to have me saving money on a regular basis, which is why SaveUp is so attractive because I can expect rewards and dream about being the grand prize winner.

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