Monday August 8th



Opening Debate: Defining the Space

Ian Bogost (Georgia Tech), Jesse Schell (Schell Games/CMU), Gabe Zichermann (Gamification Co.)

What is gamification? What is it not? How does it create sustainable value for those applying it? Advocates of different perspectives will get us started by mapping the landscape.

UPDATE: Check out Ian Bogost’s post-Symposium blog post Gamification is Bullshit

Lightning Talks: One Critical Question

Moderator Julian Dibbell (Pleimunni Enterpises)
Sebastian Deterding (Hans Bredow Institute), Margaret Wallace (Playmatics)

What is one thing we should be asking here about gamification? What do we already know, and how could we get better answers?


Breakout Discussions

Participants will be divided into teams, tasked with applying gamification to a concrete problem space.

Preliminary Presentations from Breakout Teams

Lightning Talks: Gamification in Broader Context

Irene Greif (IBM), Tom Kalil (The White House)
Gamification is a new term, but it builds on several streams of prior work. What insights can we gain from the history?

Session Wrap up

Dinner at POD

Tuesday August 9th


Summary of Learnings from Day 1

Panel: What We Know about Games

Moderator Constance Steinkuhler (Univ. of Wisconsin)
Andy Phelps (RIT), Moses Wolfenstein (Academic ADL Co-Lab), Nick Yee (PARC)

What can we learn from games scholarship and the games industry to develop effective gamification?

Lightning Talks: Social Impact Applications

Moderator Jessica Goldfin (Knight Foundation)
Sharon Chang (Yoxi), Joey Lee (Teachers College), Meaghan Searl (DailyFeats)

How is gamification being applied beyond the business world to address societal and public policy challenges?


Panel: What we Know about Motivation, Persuasion, and Business

Moderator Jonas Karlsson (Xerox)
Karim Lakhani (Harvard Business School), Nicole Lazzaro (XODesign), Scott Rigby (Immersyve), Michael Wu (Lithium)

What can psychology and management teach us about the gamification of work?

Research Presentation

Ethan Mollick (Wharton)

Lunch and Revisions to Team Proposals

Lightning Talks: Gamification Tools

Daniel Debow (Rypple), Omar Divina (Badgeville), Rajat Paharia (Bunchball), Keith Smith (Bigdoor)
Startups share their experiences.


Final Presentations of Team Proposals

Closing Roundtable

Sebastian Deterding (Hans Bredow Institute), Liz Lawley (Rochester Institute of Technology), Jesse Schell (Schell Games/CMU)
What we need to know: open research questions, and challenges going forward.

Wrap up

Dinner on your own