Professor Kevin Werbach kicks off the For The Win Symposium

Professor Kevin Werbach kicks off the For The Win Symposium

On August 8-9 we convened For The Win, a symposium aimed at studying the significance of game mechanics in serious settings. We knew that it was the right time to bring together the leading proponents and critics of gamification, to set an agenda and strategy based on research and empirical analysis.

Our idea was to integrate academics, public policy experts, practitioners, and entrepreneurs to kickstart research and identify best practices in this new field. We limited the workshop to about 50 participants: the very small number of key people who can really move the field forward, and who are already significant voices in this space.

We focused on three themes. The first was Motivation, where we started to pick apart the psychological literature on games, and looked at game-based intrinsic and extrinsic motivation in various settings. The second theme was Design: meaning both game design practice and the broader movement to apply design thinking in business. We charged participants with the task of establishing design frameworks for business, government, and other significant arenas. The final theme was Analytics, where we focused not only on the metrics necessary to make gamification valid and meaningful, but also on the analytics necessary to aggregate, analyze, and create feedback loops around user data. We focused on how we can make gamification a science as well as an art. We knew that serious attention to all three would produce valuable insights, and this symposium was the first time anything like this has been attempted.

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