The Multidimensional Workforce Pt. 3

We are now at the conclusion of what I hope has been an illuminating series thus far. To recap, the Multidimensional Workforce is a three-part series emphasizing the need to redesign the B2E environment and what it means to be a corporate citizen. Generation Y is entering the workforce at an increasing rate, and it will soon be Generation Z’s turn to become the world’s leaders. In Part 1, we covered the importance of removing the stereotypical “dirt” to discover that Generation Y is raw, untapped potential. In Part 2, we reviewed the critically acclaimed book The 2020 Workplace as supporting evidence to our newly created Multidimensional Workforce Venn diagram. In this concluding post, a sample gamified solution will be presented for ways businesses can improve the workplace atmosphere.

As digital natives, Generation Y and future generations are just as special as (if not more than) the Silent Generation and Baby Boomer CEOs and Managing Directors. Each generation brings forward distinct pros/cons so it is up to today’s businesses to start maximizing on the positives and minimizing on the inefficiency. Thankfully, gamification is a digital native’s best friend because video games have been a primary medium for information gathering and processing for the last 10-15 years. Using game design principles and user-centered design thinking, Multi-generational interactions can become more productive to business objectives. Taking a look at each intersection of the Venn diagram, here are some simple implementations that would gamify your business for the win.


Proposed Gamified Solution

 1. Generations X/Y

People of these generations love the idea of “gamification”—game design elements coupled with user-centered design thinking. Points, badges, leaderboard, statuses, intangible elements of being/meaning, and social elements are a great starter kit to gamifying a progressive growth structure for these generations. Generation X should be more concerned with career growth and Generation Y should start with skill/roles growth. Since getting a MBA is like a quest that rewards the person a pathway to new careers upon completion, Generation Y should first improve and refine their skills before embarking on such task. Positive growth is key.


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