The Multidimensional Workforce Pt. 2

In Part 1 of the Multidimensional Workforce, we analyzed how Gen Y is stereotyped and why these stereotypes are actually hiding the true potential of today’s generation. Rash behavior should be channeled into ambition. Informality should be channeled into efficiency. Selfishness should be converted to a self-motivated drive. How can these transformations happen? Since companies have a multidimensional workforce, how can various generational interactions mentor today’s generation to succeed in the rapidly changing professional world?

The venn diagram explains how the current work atmosphere shouldn’t just focus on accommodating future Gen Y employees. Rather, the increase of Gen Y in the workforce affects the entire demographic within a company. In the book The 2020 Workplace, written by Jeanne Meister and Karie Willyerd, it vividly shows through examples and case studies that the year 2020 will be fundamentally different than today’s work culture. Three major shifts they claim are globalization, demographics, and social web.

Globalization is seen by the fact that technology has broken down geographical barriers (ex. Airplanes and social media). Social media channel Twitter proves an example of globalization in the workplace. In 140 characters or less, you are expected to compress complex verbiage in a short, concise message. With a plethora of tweets being sent per second all around the world, Twitter has given the world a chance to communicate with each other in real time. Twitter is a great example of how business doesn’t end even though it may be nighttime in a certain area. Twitter’s ability to continue a conversation regardless of time zone gives way to fact that today’s generations love a great work/life balance. Demograhics in 2020 will shift the various generation populations in the workplace, similar to the Multidimensional Workforce. By 2020, Jeanne and Karie believe Gen Z will take up 7% of the entire company atmosphere, Gen X/Y 50%, Baby Boomers 22%, and Silent Generation 1%. Lastly, the Social Web refers to the upcoming collaboration revolution. With various blogs, wikis, and content management systems, knowledge sharing and collaboration is the future.


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