When Saving Money is Fun

In my last post, I talked about my affection towards credit card spending and the resulting rewards. My mom, who is a financial planner and an avid stalker of my online presence, read this post and was appalled. So, on her behalf and for all of you readers who are more financially responsible, I bring you SaveUp, a site that is dedicated to rewarding you for money you have saved as opposed to spent.


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In Real Life: Credit Cards

When I was given my first credit card, I could tell that my expression was making my parents a little nervous. I could finally buy everything I wanted (or so I thought). Much to my dismay, there was a laughable maximum as the main point of my having it was to build my credit. This was way too responsible for my liking. Years have passed since my credit card debt was actually my parent’s debt and I am now the proud holder of my very own credit card. And I spend, spend, spend- all in the name of points and rewards, of course.



In Real Life: Pizza Points

When I first moved to New York City, I was a bit fanatical about eating New York-style pizza: the crust is just the right thickness, a slice is as big as my arm, and it’s greasy and extra cheesy. Really, what else could you ask for in a slice? There are at least seven local pizzerias within walking distance form my apartment and I have frequented them all. Then my obsession wore thin as my first NYC winter arrived, making the trek to said pizzerias or ordering enough to meet the delivery minimum just daunting enough to revert back to old habits.


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